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Light inflatable kayak «Shchukar Light-380»

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The line of kayaks «Shchukar Light » is an universal solution for combined hikes, the study of lakes and calm rivers.

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The line of kayaks Shchukar Light is a universal solution for combined hikes, the study of lakes and calm rivers.

Its weight is comparable to the classic packraft, but it surpasses the packrafts in driving performance and ease of loading things. The volume in the cockpit is enough for a walk-water hike with the usual equipment, and for a bike-water hike in a minimalist style.

Despite the low weight (almost 2 times lighter than the classic Shkukar), the used PVC/PU fabric of 550 g/m2 can withstand any loads encountered in trekking in calm water. These are sand and stones at the shore, fallen trees and branches in the river bed.

The fabric of the balloons is very slippery and smooth, so the sharp knots just can not catch on it. The bottom is protected by more durable material - PVC 650 g/m2 . The fabric significantly enters the balloons and protects them from possible damage from below.

Due to its small width, Shchukar is picky about the skills of the rower. If you choose the first boat, or are looking for something for hunting and fishing, we advise you to pay attention to packraft or light and inexpensive boat Krokhal.

The package includes: a boat, a removable can on the bolt rope, repair kit with the material and adapter, bag.

The order of a supplementary inflatable bottom (in color of balloons) is possible. The cost of this option for Shchukar Light-380: 6 480 rubles.

Kayak is made in red, orange, green or gray.

Increased strength and heat resistance of products is achieved through the use of PVC hot-air welding equipment.

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Weight 6,7/9 kg
Capacity 1–2 persons
Length 380 cm
Width 96 cm
Parameter Significance
Length 380 cm
Width 96 cm
Cockpit width 36 cm
The diameter of the balloons 30 cm
Load capacity 250 kg
Dimensions when folded 80 * 45 * 15 cm
Weight PVC 400 g / m2 (boat/assembled, set) 6,7/8 kg
Weight PVC 550 g / m2 (boat/assembled, set) 6,7/9 kg
Weight banks (Seats) 0,7 kg
Repair kit weight with material and adapter 0,4 kg
Bag weight 0,6 kg
balloon material High quality European PVC fabric 550 g / m2
Bottom material High quality European PVC fabric 650 g / m2
Cost (PVC 550 g / m2, basic equipment) 18 980 rub.
Color executions Red, orange, gray, green
Seat plywood can
Warranty 1 year
Life time More than 10 years
Production LLC "Time Trial"

Photos from customers:

Basic equipment:

Parameter Significance
Boat 1 pc.
Removable can on bolt rope 2 pcs.
Repair kit with material and adapter 1 set
Bag 1 pc.

Additional options:

Option Price
Flap valve + bag pump 1 380 rub.
Paddle holder 480 rub.
Spinning holder 1 480 rub.
Handle aft 350 rub.
Two-section balloons 1 680 rub.
Holder of things 980 rub.
Cargo rings, steam with installation 380 rub.
Heel stop with installation 980 rub.
Femoral supports with rings, with installation 1 190 rub.
Back (skin) in PVC + rings, installation 480 rub.
Contour bottom LITE (PVC 400 g / m2, weight 2.9 kg) 6 480 rub.
The holder of the spinning tube 450 rub.
The holder of a spinning with 2 tubes 980 rub.
Paddle holder with elastic 380 rub.
Rings for fastening (cargo, sealed bags, backpacks), 2 pcs. 380 rub.
Plastic mounting rings (cargo, dry bags, backpacks), 2 pcs. 380 rub.
Sewn plastic rings, 2 pcs. 260 rub.
Rings sewn, 2 pcs. 200 rub.
Knee (femoral) three-point support 1 480 rub.
Keel stabilizer (height 4 cm) 580 rub.
Heel stop 980 rub.
Product branding 2 480 rub.
Production with other sizes and a complete set Estimated cost

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