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FishPackraft-1E – inflatable packraft for Fishing

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FishPaсkraft-1E is an ultralight boat, specially created and designed for comfortable fishing.

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FishPaсraft-1E is an ultralight boat, specially created and designed for comfortable fishing. Inflatable FishPackraft is an improved model of the classic Packraft.

Fishing packraft easily fit in a backpack or on the trunk of a bicycle. With it, you can also make long combined trekking, cross rivers and lakes, or just paddle in search of the best fishing spots.

Even a beginner, who first sat down in a canoe, will cope with FishPackraft. Fishing pack consists of inflatable sides and glued bottom, which means that to use the boat you only need to inflate!

FishPaсkraft has a width of 100 cm, and the seat is low - the boat is very stable and has a low center of gravity, which gives additional comfort to the fisherman. The fishing pack is difficult to turn over, even hanging over the board. An elongated stern provides directional stability and prevents overturn through the stern, respectively, guaranteeing the fisherman safety during fishing.

FishPaсraft-1E equipment:

- splash protection trunk bag,

- two spinning holders,

- comfortable seat

- ring on the nose for the mooring end,

- paddle holder,

- easy railing for safety, fixing an anchor, cage, etc.,

- rings for fixing the load on the stern of the boat.

Separate advantage of TimeTrial is flexible production - we make boats and kayaks to order, so we can equip your packraft with any additional options.

The following modifications of this FishPackraft model are possible: 

- Partitions - for greater safety of the boat.

- Contour bottom NDND and AirDeck - allow you to catch standing, add rigidity, stability and comfort to the fisherman, isolate from cold water and protect from overcooling.

- Fabric TPU - more durable and wear-resistant fabric on the boat cylinders.

- Kiel stabilizer - gives extra stability to the boat on the course.

- Branding - gives the boat individuality and uniqueness.

- Case of thin fabric - it is possible to replace the standard case with a lighter one.

- Flap valve and bag-pump - replace conventional pump more compact and faster bag-pump.

- Soft oarlock - allow you to use swing paddles.

Increased strength and heat resistance of products is achieved through the use of PVC hot-air welding equipment.

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Weight 4,3/5,8 kg
Capacity 1 person
Length 300 cm
Width 100 cm
Parameter Significance
Length 300 cm
Width 100 cm
Balloon diameter 30 cm
Load capacity 200 kg
Bottom material High quality European PVC fabric 650g / m²
Balloon material High quality European PVC fabric 400 g / m²
Boat weight (PVC) 4,3 kg
Cockpit width 40 cm
Cockpit length 175 cm
Color performance Gray, yellow, black
Packraft in basic pasting, weight (PVC) 4,3 kg
Bag weight 0,5 kg
Repair kit weight 50 g
Seat weight 0,3 kg
Warranty 1 year
Life time More than 10 years
Production LLC "Time Trial"

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Basic equipment:

Parameter Significance
FishPakraft 1 pc.
Repair kit 1 pc.
Inflatable Seed "Horseshoe" 1 pc.
Bag 1 pc.
Tubes to hold the spinning 2 pcs.
Passport and instruction 1 pc.

Additional options:

Option Price
Bag pump 980 rub.
Two-section balloon, 2 valves 2 500 rub.
Keel stabilizer 580 rub.
Echo sounder holder 1 480 rub.
Rings sewn 100 rubles / piece
Knee (femoral) three-point support 1 480 rub.
Airtight TiZip with 2 hermetic bags 6 700 rub.
Inflatable low pressure bottom (PVC 400 g / m2) 5 200 rub.
Inflatable low pressure bottom (TPU 400 g / m2) 8 300 rub.
Paddle holder with elastic 380 rub.
Anchor 680 rub.
Channel for echo sounder 750 rub.
Hermetic packaging + bag-pump for packrafts 1 250 rub.
Product branding 2 480 rub.
Production with other sizes and a complete set Estimated cost

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