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Inflatable sledges for hunting and fishing

Item: 090105

Sledge is very handy on winter fishing or hunting. It can be used to transport cargo. Also it is helpful for ice rescue operations. Its raising force allows to take a man across the ice-opening.

8 85012 480 ₽
Advantage 3 630 ₽
Discount -29%


Inflatable sledge for hunting and fishing has similar construction to «Toboggan» sledge, has straight bearing tubes with glued elastic runners. Between bearing tubes there is a small deck.

The sledge is equipped with three handle pairs on the sides and one handle for the bow and the stern. There are stretching ropes for bulk fixation. On the deck there are four non-slip welts. At the front and at the back the sledge has strengthen D-rings.

The advantages of the inflatable sledge:

·         Principally new inflatable sledge construction allows to drive straight ahead and if needed, to control moving;

·         Straight bearing tubes with glued elastic runners;

·         A small deck between bearing tubes;

·         Special runners allow to control driving direction moving down the snow flank;

·         Sledge is handy on winter fishing and hunting in the function of a sled drag;

·         The sledge is used for cargo transportation;

·         The sledge is used for ice rescue operations;

·         Sledge raising force allows to take a man across the ice-opening;

·         Sledge is packed into an individual tube-case.

 Hot-gas PVC welding provides the products with advanced durability and thermal resistance.

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Weight 8,5 kg
Capacity 1 person
Length 190 cm
Width 82 cm
Parameter Significance
Length 190 cm
Width 82 cm
Weight 8,5 kg
Height 30 cm
Packed dimensions Tube diameter 110*25 cm
Volume 350 l
Assembling time and inflating with car pump 5 min
Assembling time and inflating with boat pump 2,5 min
Assembling time and inflating without facilities 35 min
Warranty period 1 years
Operational lifetime More than 10 years
Operational state Without permanent air draft
Production TimeTrial LLC

Basic equipment:

Parameter Significance
Sledge 1 pc
Repair fabric 1 set
Pack 1 pc
Adapters 2 pc (car and standard)

Additional options:

Option Price
Branding 2480 rub
Customization (dimension and set variety) Case cost

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